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EcoOpus Agri Ventures

Aurangabad, Maharashtra (India)

EcoOpus is a unique social enterprise providing comprehensive services to farmers to manage their produce and farm biomass. We promote appropriate small farm technologies to make agriculture supply chains more efficient and remunerative. Connect with us to know more!

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Farmer Consultancy
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Collection and processing of agriculture biomass is inherently complex owing to lack of standardized cultivation practices and unstructured nature of the industry. Through the use of appropriate small farm technologies, EcoOpus has been able to centralize the biomass collection processes thus reducing losses and risks of adulteration. 
Our integrated farm services, provided free of charge to farmers, make use of suitably modified technologies in order to process the produce (grains) and biomass simultaneously. Direct farm-to-market linkages further help create greater economic value both for our farmers as well as commercial buyers.  


Integrated harvest & post-harvest management

Creating greater economic value

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