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Integrated harvest & post-harvest management

Creating greater economic value

EcoOpus is the one-stop-solution for all farm and off-farm services right from harvesting to processing and packaging. With years of field experience, we have built the expertise to identify right technologies based on cropping patterns, biomass type and processing needs. 

And as bonus, all these services are completely free in exchange for the biomass generated!

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Farm-to-Market Connect

Abolish the 'cuts'

EcoOpus has over time established strong linkages with bulk industrial buyers for agricultural biomass as well as farm produce (grains). We ensure that our producers get the best market prices through comprehensive market analysis and by establishing long term contracts.

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Technology Consultation

Enhance your productivity

EcoOpus has created a strong knowledge base about the most relevant technologies for smallholder farmers available in India and abroad. Through connects with original equipment manufacturers, we help farmers improve their own productivity and efficiency.

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Biomass Assessment Studies

Weighing our resources

Working with large scale public sector companies, our team has also developed an expertise in conducting biomass assessment studies for geographies all across India. Through the use of GIS tools and secondary data integration, we ensure that our clients can make the most feasible decisions for their businesses.

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